Why have your carpets cleaned

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Why have your carpets cleaned

Most homeowners change out there furnace filters on a regular basis when they become dirty from catching dust and other air pollutants as it passes through the filter.  Now how many of us clean the biggest filter in our home  on a regular basis. I,m talking about the carpets in our home or office. your carpets are trapping the allergens, dander, dirt, dust, dust mites, oils and whatever else is in the air as it passes through your carpets.

Do we really want our selves or are children crawling or laying on that. What to do?  Vacuum with regularity and have them cleaned professionally periodically will go along way to prolonging the life of the carpets, protecting that investment if you haven’t priced out carpeting it is quite expensive to replace.

Keeeping the carpets cleaned will also improve the air quality that you breathe. Preventing the buildup of allergens and bacteria and other unhealthy contaminants that are being trapped in the carpeting.

If you have replaced the carpet recently you need to have them professionally cleaned every  12 to 18 months in order to maintain the carpet warranty. Finally clean carpeting changes the appearance of the room and will make you feel better about your home knowing they are clean and healthy.  Don’t wait until you have those ugly darkened traffic patterns give Pilgard’s Quality Cleaning a call to schedule your appointment, 815-355-2483

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